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Current Episode

Heather’s RV Wine Trip

Episode 58

Guest: Heather Renee May

Heather Renee May, has a diverse background that gives her a ​unique perspective on life. Ballet was her first love, and she ​danced professionally until retirement. She's now an author, ​podcast host, musician, dog-lover, and wine-enthusiast.

Music has always had an important place in her life. A singer-​songwriter under the stage name “Heather Ré”, she has ​released two albums, and performs on guitar and fiddle ​throughout the US, mainly at wineries and intimate venues.

Previous Episodes

Episode 57

July 16, 2024

Guest: Sarah BIrd

Today's special guest is the ​accomplished author Sarah Bird, known ​for her best-selling novels and essay ​collections. Her latest work, ​"Juneteenth Rodeo," pays tribute to the ​Black cowboys, highlighting that a ​quarter of early Texas ranch workers and ​bronco riders were enslaved or ​descendants of enslaved individuals. ​Host Melvin E. Edwards, a direct ​descendant of these cowboys, is a rare ​Black member of the Sons of the ​Republic of Texas. This episode blends ​literature and a poignant recognition of a ​neglected history.

Horror’s Next King

Episode 56

July 9, 2024

Guest: Jonathan Janz

Jonathan Janz is the pen name of Craig Shaeffer, an American horror ​author of 16 novels and one collection of short fiction.

In 2011, Janz published his debut novel, The Sorrows. The book ​received praise from author Brian Keene, who called it "the best ​horror novel of 2012." Keene would also describe Janz as "One of the ​best writers in modern horror to come along in the last decade."

In March of 2023, Janz won the Wilburn-Thomas Award at the Scares ​That Care event in Williamsburg, VA. This is a charity event organized ​by author Brian Keene and the award is given to authors who have ​helped other writers and their community.

When he's not Jonthan Janz: Horror Author, he's Mr. Shaeffer, a high ​school English, film literature, and creative writing teacher in ​Indiana. He currently resides in Indiana with his wife and three ​children.

You won't want to miss how his students finally learned that mild-​mannered Mr. Shaeffer was also famous writer Jonthan Janz.

Stop, Look, Listen

Episode 55

July 2, 2024

Guest: Lori Adams-Brown

Lori Adams-Brown is an international ​speaker, business executive, and podcast ​host. She has lived all over the world and has ​a unique perspective when dealing with ​people from varying cultures and ​nationalities. It also helps that she speaks six ​languages. Lori is a connector who puts ​people first and values the lasting ​partnerships she builds. She is an active ​listener who cares about the stories people ​share and is energized by communication ​and teamwork. She is also a lifelong learner ​and known for bringing innovative ​perspectives and questions to the decision-​making table. For more information about ​today's guest, go to her website at Lori ​Adams-Brown (loriadamsbrown.com)

Previous Episodes

Across the World with a

Brain Tumor and Her Bike

Episode 54

June 25, 2024

Guest: Risa August

Risa August was a triathlete until discovering ​she had a brain tumor that affected her motor ​skills. After surgery to remove the tumor, she ​dealt with her setbacks by riding her bike. Then ​she rode her bike from Canada to Mexico. Last ​month, she rode across Spain. Though her brain ​tumor, who she calls "Bubba," has returned and ​has presented a new set of challenges, she ​remains resilient and optimistic. Listen to this ​episode and feel inspired to do something ​you've never done before - or thought you ​couldn't do again.


Episode 53

June 18, 2024

Guest: Joel Schwartzberg

Joel Schwartzberg is a New Yorker with ​Texas roots - or a Texan with New York ​roots. Either way, he now lives in NJ and ​wants to be friends with fellow Jersey ​folks Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon ​Jovi. While he waits for that to happen, ​he trains business leaders to make their ​words matter, writes about improving ​one's communication style, and helps ​average people give better toasts at ​weddings. If you want to know how to ​improve your next speech, listen in for ​some simple, yet significant ​improvements you can make. ​https://www.joelschwartzberg.net/

Episode 52

June 11, 2024

Guest: Bob ​Lement

Bob LeMent is recognized as one of ​the first podcasters in the world. ​Now with over 1,500 episodes under ​his belt on his show, Static Radio, ​he joins "Real Life" to share his ​interesting and funny stories. He ​also discusses the past, present, ​and future of podcasting.

About the Host

Melvin E. Edwards

My name is Melvin E. Edwards and I'm an introverted storyteller, which means my tales are multilayered, meaningful, and usually written. That’s why this podcast is unique.

Join the movement. Just don’t be too loud.

Tune in for the endearing stories. Stay for some cheesy humor.

Melvin E. Edwards is a 6th-generation Texan, who was an award-winning newspaper reporter and columnist before entering the colorful and ambitious world of Texas politics. He started his career writing about Texas high school football and within a few short years, he was a speechwriter for the Lieutenant Governor and Governor of Texas.

He has written two award-winning books tracing generations of his Texas family back to its Republic of Texas days, making him one of the first African-American members of the Sons of the Republic of Texas.

He has the rarest Myers-Briggs personality type in the world (INFJ), which could explain why he loves cowboy boots, hats, and baseball, and can imagine stories so big, they make even Texas seem small.

Literary Awards

The Strength of a Thousand Sons (2022)

• 1st Place – Texas Authors Institute: Biography

• 1st Place – Literary Titan: Memoir/Autobiography

• 2nd Place – PenCraft Award for Literary Excellence: Historical/Cultural

• Gold Star– OnlineBookClub.org

The Eyes of Texans: From Slavery to the Texas Capitol (2020)

• 1st Place – AMI Best Book Awards: Memoir/Family History

• 3rd Place - Kops-Fetherling International Book Awards: Autobiography & Memoir

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