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Current Episode

Episode 49, May 21, 2024

CCM Pioneer Bryan Duncan

Contemporary Christian Music legend and Grammy winner Bryan Duncan's career has spanned 6 decades and he has accumulated 16 #1 CCM chart hits. With a singing voice like Simply Red's Mick Hucknell and a comedy edge like a late-night host, Duncan has plenty of stories to share in his own unique style. From his childhood with his evangelist parents to his memorable songs with Ambrosia lead singer David Pack, every story has a punchline and a melody.

Listen in, then go discover (or rediscover) his music.


Previous Episodes

Episodes 46-april 30, 2024

Raising a True Scholar-Athlete

Guests: Dexter, Maneka, Dixon Monk

Dixon Monk is only a high school junior, but he ​has already committed to play college ​baseball at Georgetown University in ​Washington, D.C., one of the toughest ​academic schools in the country. I worked ​with Dixon's mother for over 15 years, so I've ​known him his whole life. His growth and ​maturity have been fun to watch and I'm ​incredibly proud of him. Listen as his parents, ​Dexter and Maneka Monk, talk about the ​challenges of raising a true scholar-athlete in ​a sport with only a 6% Black participation ​rate.

Episode 47-May 7, 2024

Men of Goodwill, Part 2

Guests: Stephen Simpson and Rob Ryan

Pastor Stephen Simpson and attorney Rob Ryan return to continue to conversation from early April. "Men of Goodwill, Part 2" follows the men's discussion of race, religion, politics, and manhood. These potentially volatile issues are addressed with boldness and sensitivity. Listen in and comment below to add your voice to the conversation.

Baseball in Germany

Episode 48 -May 14, 2024

Guests: US Military Personnel

from Kaiserslautern, Germany

No matter how much you know about Germany, you probably never consider baseball when you think of that European country. In this episode, we have Antonio Lopez, Fraynel Mercado, and Alex Torres, the latter two guests are U.S. military personnel based on the Kaiserslautern Complex. All three are baseball players for the Kaiserslautern Bears and are ambassadors for both countries, as well as the game of baseball.

To support the team, go to its website at https://ktown-bears.com/.

Beginning with this episode, you'll start hearing the voice of Jon Williams. He's the creative force behind the new episode intros. Thanks, Jon!

Previous Episodes

Episode 43-April 9, 2024

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

President Bob​ Kendrick​

Master storyteller and baseball historian Bob ​Kendrick returns to the show to get the 2024 ​baseball season started the right way. Listen to ​his stories of Negro Leagues baseball greats in a ​way that only he can tell them. This also happens ​to be the 100th anniversary of the Kansas City ​Monarchs franchise and the first Negro Leagues ​World Series.

Episode 44 - April 16, 2024

Beyonce Carter's Country

Guests: Darrin Evans and Lynne Childress

This episode was inspired by Beyonce's new ​Country album, called "Cowboy Carter." With ​three Black people in the discussion, this edition ​is part history lesson, part music appreciation, ​and part self-identification. My guests this week ​are Lynne Childress from Maryland and Darrin ​Evans from North Carolina. We talk about ​Country music, what defines genres and ​audiences, and the musical gatekeepers who ​think THEY get to decide what defines those ​genres and the audiences.

Episode 45-April 23, 2024

Otto Zone

Guest: Otto Gallaher

Otto Gallaher is a master of reinventing himself. ​He became an attorney after leaving his previous ​career as a construction worker. He was a ​corporate businessman before that. In his daily ​life, he's a husband, father of three daughters, ​ordained minister, musician, Eagle Scout, and ​Texan. After doing genealogy research, he ​learned he is a direct descendant of two signers ​of the Mayflower Compact.

Step in the zone. Otto zone.

We also discuss mental health issues. If you're ​experiencing mental challenges, please reach ​out to a professional, just dial 988.

Previous Episodes

Episode 38-March 19, 2024

Monica's America

Guest: Monica Haft

Dallas-area attorney Monica Haft is a first-​generation American, born to a mother from ​Colombia and a father from Cuba. When she ​started school, she didn't speak English. She ​learned, grew, and flourished, so when she ​talks about the American Dream, she has ​credibility. Does she think that dream is still ​a reality today?

Episode 39-March 26, 2024​

Lights, Camera, Action

Guest: Melissa Jo Peltier

Filmmaker, writer, and director Melissa Jo ​Peltier ("My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and ​"The Dog Whisperer") joins the show to ​discuss some of her best-known projects, in ​addition to her recent documentary, "The ​Game is Up." Find out what she and her ​husband, director John Gray ("The Ghost ​Whisperer"), are working on together.

Episode 40-april 2, 2024

Men of Goodwill

Guests: Stephen Simpson and Rob Ryan

What does it mean to be a man of goodwill in ​the age of social media? Real-life friends ​Stephen Simpson (pastor), Rob Ryan ​(attorney), and Melvin E. Edwards (host) ​discuss the hot-button issues of politics, ​religion, and race, and attempt to make sense ​of Christian involvement in 21st-century party ​politics. Despite the 80-minute conversation, ​you'll be left wanting more.

Previous Episodes

Episodes 35-February 27, 2024​

Sowing Seeds with The Orchard Keeper

Guest: Dr. Lenny Wells

Known on social media as The Orchard ​Keeper, Dr. Lenny Wells is a University of ​Georgia Professor of Horticulture, a pecan ​farmer, and an author. He's also The Andy ​Griffith Show's biggest fan.

Thankfully, with all of that knowledge, he ​clears up the correct pronunciation of ​"pecan."


Episodes 36-March 5​, 2024

Vacation Magic by Rachel

Guest: Rachel Taylor

Independent travel agent Rachel Taylor gives ​tips for booking the best trips for everyone, ​regardless of their budget. She also tells ​about her favorite vacations, her strongest ​advice, and her obsession with Disney theme ​parks.


Episodes 37-March 12, 202​4

Conversation with Sean Dietrich

Guest: Sean Dietrich

Musician and writer Sean Dietrich, popularly ​known as "Sean of the South," talks about his ​invitation to the Grand Old Opry, his dad, ​being a BBQ judge, Southern fried chicken, ​and the new nickname, "Mark Twang," that I ​gave him. Join this humorous and heartfelt ​conversation.


This episode also marks the debut of the new ​"Stories from Real Life" theme song, written ​and performed by Bombay Beach Revival.

Previous Episodes

Episode 32-february 6, 2024

Jackie Robinson Statue Destroyed in Kansas

Guest: Bob Lutz

Bob Lutz, the founder and executive director of ​League 42, an inner-city youth baseball program ​in Wichita, Kansas, joins the show to discuss the ​recent vandalism and destruction of the local ​Jackie Robinson statute. It's purely coincidental ​that this episode happens to be 42 minutes long.

To support League 42: https://league42.org/

(316) 530-4542

Episode 33 -february 13, 202​4

Wholistic Transformation: Life After Foster Care

Guests: B​ryan Benz and Pat Quinn

Have you ever thought about what happens to ​young people after they age out of the foster care ​system? Bryan Benz and Pat Quinn have thought ​about their plight and they are doing something ​about it. Tune in to this episode.

Episode 34 -february 19, 2024

Guest: Lewis Ben Smith

Presidential historian Lewis Ben Smith joins the ​show on this Presidents Day to discuss his ​favorite- and least-favorite Presidents, among ​other interesting details about the men who ​have held the highest office in the United States.

Previous Episodes

Episode 29-January 21, 2024

Baseball and Hip Hop

Guest: Robert Ford

Houston Astros broadcaster Robert ​Ford grew up in The Bronx, NY ​envisioning himself playing for the NY ​Mets. Instead, he became only the 4th ​Black play-by-play announcer in MLB ​history. In this episode, hear about his ​journey, as well as his family's role in ​the careers of Kurtis Blow, The Beastie ​Boys, and LL Cool J, and the ​development of Hip Hop.

Episode 30-January 30, 2024​

Locked (Out) and Loaded

G​uest: John Thorsson

During his time as a locksmith, John ​Thorsson has heard a lot of stories. ​Once, he answered the call for a man ​whose angry girlfriend had thrown his ​keys on top of a 3-story building. ​Another time, the police were called to ​the address of fighting siblings while ​he was opening their front door. ​Locksmithing is more interesting than ​you might have imagined! Tune in and ​hear the details of these common tales.

Episode 31-January 30, 2024​

Inside the Unorthodox Mind of Lee ​Spieckerman

G​uest: Lee Spieckerman

Political consultant and strategist Lee ​Spieckerman has thoughts about a lot ​of subjects. He's especially passionate ​about politics, fiscal policy, and racial ​reconciliation. He was battling a cold, ​but what he had to say to these public ​figures came through loud and clear.

- Donald Trump

- Joe Biden

- Nikki Haley

- The Squad

-Jerome Powell

- Charlie Kirk

Previous Episodes

Episodes 25 & 26-January 2, 2024

Leaving the Klan

Guest: Chris Buckley

Leaving the Klan, Part 1

What do you get when a descendant of slaves ​meets a former Klansman? Well, as they say ​in Texas, we're fixing to find out. This is Part 1 ​of the two-part eye-opening interview. ​Listener discretion is advised.

Leaving the Klan, Part 2

What do you get when a descendant of slaves ​meets a former Klansman? Well, as they say ​in Texas, we're fixing to find out. This is Part 2 ​of the two-part eye-opening interview. ​Listener discretion is advised. ​https://www.parents4peace.org/

Episode 27-January 9, 2024

The Problem with Potential

Guest: Joe Ignace

Too often, our dreams are shattered ​before we ever give them a chance to ​develop. In this episode, 26-year-old ​entrepreneur and author Joe Ignace ​shares the secrets that made him a Top ​1% salesman at his company, and how ​you can leverage your own talents to ​make an impact on those with whom you ​come in contact.


Episode 28-January 16, 2024

President Alexander Hamilton

Guest: Lewis Ben Smith

What kind of President would Alexander ​Hamilton have been if he had not died during ​that famous duel with VP Aaron Burr? Could he ​have ended slavery without a Civil War? Would ​he have replaced James Madison in the ​historical timeline?

In this episode, author Lewis Ben Smith ​discusses his interesting novel of alternative ​history that answers many questions and ​leaves us with many more.




Previous Episodes

Episode 22-december 12, 2023

Guest: Melissa Amour

Melissa Quinn Amour's family has been in ​Pennsylvania since the time of William Penn, so ​she's deeply invested in the culture of the ​Keystone State and The City of Brotherly Love. ​She's also passionate about a few other things, ​including her hometown Phillies, the Beatles, ​and the Christmas season. Just don't ask her ​about Eagles' fans throwing snowballs at Santa ​Claus.

Listen in to this conversation and you will leave ​with a smile on your face.

Episode 23 -december 19, 2023​

Guest: Daniel DeBlanke

Talented musician Daniel DeBlanke, known ​professionally as Bombay Beach Revival, once ​ended up on tour with the legendary Prince. Yes, ​THAT Prince!

He joins the show to talk about all things music ​related, including his unexpected choice for ​favorite Christmas movie.

His Christmas songs are interjected throughout ​this episode, so listen in, and add yourself as a new ​fan to the "country-fried soul" music of Bombay ​Beach Revival.

Bombay Beach Revival songs in this episode:

1. Christmas is Here

2. White Christmas

3. Merry Christmas

4. Trouble

Youtube playlist: Legacies 2x10 Music - Bombay ​Beach Revival - Don't Hold Your Breath - YouTube

Episode 24-december 26, 2023​

Guest: ​Dr. Jan Canty

Dr. Jan Canty is a psychologist, writer, ​photographer, educator, consultant, podcast ​host, and cancer survivor, whose cancer has just ​returned for a second bout. She tells us some ​sobering stories of how her life was tragically ​disrupted by the tragic murder of her husband in ​1985. https://jancantyphd.com/

Previous Episodes

Episode 19-November 21, 2023​

Things we’re thankful for

Guest: Marty Duren

Writer and former podcaster Marty Duren ​joins the show to provide a unique perspective ​on thankfulness and hope. We also discuss ​our favorite music, memories, and bucket list ​travel destinations. We hope you will join the ​conversation and feel inspired to have a ​similar conversation with your own friends ​and family on Thanksgiving Day. Lots of ​laughter in this episode.

Check these links for special podcast ​discounts. Episode sponsors:

Blinkist: https://blinkist-us.pxf.io/q4BPQO

Anker: https://anker.pxf.io/rQOYrQ

The full video is available at ​https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfMbDu​9D33pLyWHp7hfREgQ

Episode 20-November 28, 2023

Documentaries that make a Difference

Guest: Mary Beth Minnis

Documentarian Mary Beth Minnis isn't the ​person you might expect to produce a film ​about Juneteenth, but when she was ​approached with the project, she jumped in ​head-first. Find out how a White woman from ​Oklahoma became involved in this Texas ​history project and how it has changed her ​life, and could change yours, as well. Faith ​and freedom are ideas that we can celebrate ​all year around, so we're choosing to ​spotlight those topics during this holiday ​season.

Documentary Film Producer & Executive ​Producer http://www.MaryBethMinnis.com

Juneteenth; Faith and Freedom Juneteenth: ​Faith & Freedom | A Documentary from ​@ourdailybread Voices Collection

Episode 21-december 5, 2023​

The Write Stuff

Guest: Bob Cox

Journalist Bob Cox's parents and ​grandparents left Texas and Arkansas to ​seek their fortunes in California. So, how ​did he end up leaving California to seek his ​fortune in Texas?

In this episode, Cox examines his life as a ​long-time journalist and explains how a ​college course in philosophy unexpectedly ​set him on his career course.

Previous Episodes

Episode 16-October 31, 2023

What is Dia de Los Muertos?

Guest: Erika Gonzalez

Dia de Los Muertos is Spanish for "Day of the ​Dead." It's not a Mexican Halloween, as some ​have suggested, and it's not worshipping the ​dead. It's simply a Mexican celebration that is ​set aside to remember departed loved ones. ​Those remembrances are done with an ​"ofrenda" that features the departed person's ​favorite food, drinks, or photos, and decorated ​with colorful flowers. Most Mexican cultures ​celebrate Dia de Los Muertos on November 1 ​and 2, but some choose to celebrate for an ​entire month. If you've seen the movie "Coco" ​or "The Book of Life," you have an idea what the ​day is all about. Here are some more stories ​that help you learn more about how the family ​connections that are maintained, even after ​death.

Episode 17-November 7, 2023​

Guest: Bill Clabby

Bill Clabby is a multi-lingual educator and administrator, who has taught and lived in several different countries over the course of his life. He also happens to be the father-in-law of Melvin E. Edwards' daughter. Clabby and Edwards have two grandchildren in common, including the one in the photo. Bill discusses living in France, Senegal, and Japan, and how he spends his time since retiring a few months ago.

You'll want to hear about his experience while traveling to Clabby, Northern Ireland - a town that was founded by his ancestors.

Episode 18-November 14, 2023​

Guest: Anna R. Holloway, PhD

Anna R. Holloway, PhD, is a retired Professor of English, and is a writer and editor. During her 46 years at Fort Valley State University, she taught writing, literature, and journalism. When she left her White Midwestern roots and went to segregated Georgia in the 1960s, she didn't know she would be teaching at an all-Black college. She certainly didn't know she would stay there for nearly 50 years. "Looking for Jazz: A Memoir about the Black College and Southern Town That Changed My Life" is her first published book.


Book link: https://a.co/d/8kd8MXU

Previous Episodes

Episode 13-October 13, 2023​

Guest: Rob Matwick

In this special edition of the podcast, Texas ​Rangers Executive Vice President of Business ​Operations Rob Matwick stops by to discuss this ​October weekend's American League ​Championship Series (ALCS). This episode is ​special because Matwick has been an executive ​for both teams. It's also special because he hired ​Melvin E. Edwards for his first job out of college ​in 1988.

Take a look ahead at the upcoming ALCS, while ​you get a bird's eye view of the roads that led ​these men to an intersection in the offices of the ​Houston Astros more than 35 years ago.

Whether you're a fan of the Rangers, the Astros, ​or neither, you will enjoy this lighthearted ​episode.

Episode 14-October 17, 2023​

Back from the Dead

Guest: James Pence

James Pence had a heart attack in 2021 and was without a heartbeat for 45 minutes. He spent the next two years rehabbing his body and singing voice, which led him to the fulfillment of a lifelong dream -- getting a part in the production of "The Music Man."

James is a former pastor, author, motivational speaker, and chalk artist who used his talent as a part of a prison ministry, and a singer who competed in a local version of "The Voice." He has endured tragedies and unusual circumstances that he now uses as a bridge to encourage others who are facing challenges in life.

James Pence is an encourager and after hearing his stories, you'll also feel encouraged. We suggest you pull up a chair and your favorite beverage while listening to his soothing tones.

Episode 15-October 24, 2023

Live from the Wimberly StoryFest

Host Melvin E. Edwards was the Master of ​Ceremonies during the Traditional Storytellers ​portion of the Wimberley (Texas) StoryFest over ​the weekend of October 12-14, 2023. He also ​interviewed various participants as they ​represented the theme of the weekend, which ​was "Story in all its forms." This episode is a brief ​summary of the singer-songwriters, filmmakers, ​and traditional storytellers.


Previous Episodes

Episode 10-September 26, 2023

Fall Fishing on the Gulf Coast

Guest: Deb Powell

Deb Powell, the owner and operator of Port O'Connor (POC) Rod and Gun, has been fishing in this Texas town since childhood. She shares her favorite memories of fishing with her dad and siblings, and recalls all of the fish that got away. She also describes how you can bring your family or group to POC to fish during the winter and what you will need to know to make the most of your trip.

Visit https://www.pocrods.com/ for more information.

It was the first remote location recording of this podcast and it was a lot of fun!

Episode 11-October 2, 2023

Sprechen Si Texas German, Y’all?

Guest: Dr. Hans Boas

Dr. Hans Boas is the Director of Germanic Studies at the University of Texas-Austin, but until he arrived in Texas in 2001, he had no idea that the distinctive Texas German dialect even existed. Once he learned this fascinating fact, it became his life's work to record as many of the surviving speakers of Texas German as possible before it was too late.

Hear how the German immigrants' personal views on slavery conflicted with the Anglos who were already in the Republic of Texas in the 1840s, and how the two world wars doomed Texas German to eventual extinction. Listen as Dr. Boas explains how the merging of many German and Czech cultures near Houston gave America one of its most popular beers, and how a small group of Black Texans attended integrated German-language schools and learned to speak that dialect. https://tgdp.org/


Episode 12-October 10, 2023

The Muscle Behind Muscle Shoals

Guest: Linda Hall

In this episode that was recorded on-site in the office of FAME Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, I was able to interview Linda Hall, the widow of FAME producer and owner Rick Hall. A benefit concert the day before was the reason I was in town, but after having lunch with Mrs. Hall, I decided that I wanted my audience to hear her story, too. At 82 years old, she still works at the studio every day and is truly the muscle behind the legacy of Muscle Shoals music.

She was initially reluctant to talk but agreed to give me a few minutes. She then started telling her stories of faith, resilience, love, and music that lasted for 45 minutes. I didn’t want to interrupt her, so I didn’t. I will also present this episode without any interruptions.


Previous Episodes

Episode 7-September 5, 2023​

T​he Passion of Neces​sity of Empathy

Guest: Lynne Childress

Lynne Childress teaches empathy to children ​through drama and songs. This subject has been ​her passion for most of her life because she ​thinks a lack of empathy comes about because ​we fail to see each other as equals - or as human ​beings at all. That hard lesson was passed down ​through her family's history after her great-​grandfather was killed in a racially motivated ​murder by a local sheriff in South Carolina and ​the rest of their family was forced to flee to ​Maryland, where they have lived ever since. ​Times have changed and Lynne's cousin, Angela ​Alsobrooks, is now a candidate for the United ​States Senate from Maryland. Yet, the times are ​sometimes the same in that people are still ​mistreating each other, which is evidenced by the ​schools that contact Lynne requesting that she ​present her empathy stage play. Finally, if you ​haven't heard the term "the bees' knees" in a ​while, this is your opportunity to hear it. Twice.


Episode 8-September 12, 20​23

In​ Muscle Shoals, The​y Had the Swampers

Guest: Rick Hall, Jr.

You may not know Rick Hall's name, but you ​know the music that Rick Hall developed as the ​founder and producer of FAME Recording ​Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. In this ​episode, we talk to Rick Hall Jr. about the ​motivation that led his dad into the music ​business and breaking through Alabama's ​segregation attitudes on the 60th anniversary of ​his worldwide musical legacy.

You won't want to miss the stories about Rick ​Hall's run-in with Aretha Franklin's husband, ​which caused Hall to eventually lose his famed ​"Swampers" session musicians to Atlantic ​Records Executive Jerry Wexler. While those ​things were happening, Rick Jr. was doing his ​best to "corrupt" the angelic Donny Osmond ​behind the scenes in that rural Alabama town. ​Tune in to hear the rest of the story.


Episode 9-september 19, 202​3

The Matron Saint of Late Bloomers

G​uest: Rachel Ridge

Rachel is an author of six books and a Life Coach,​ though she didn’t begin those journeys until after​ her 50th birthday. She began painting in her 30s​ to make extra money to get her hair done.

In the midst of all of that, Rachel rescues and​ raises donkeys, and has learned enough lessons​ from them to fill all six books. She now shares​ those lessons to offer others much-needed​ encouragement and to help them pull out of the​ rut they’re in. ​

After hearing Rachel Ridge’s stories, your only​ choices will be supporting Team Racehorse or​ Team Donkey. ​


Rachel Anne Ridge – author, artist, speaker,​ stray donkey owner​

Previous Episodes

Episode 4-August 15, 2023

Buck O’Neil, Ted Williams, Ichiro, and the Negro ​Leagues

Guest: Bob Kendrick

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (NLBM) ​President Bob Kendrick is the ultimate ​storyteller. He can take you from the pitcher's ​mound with Satchel Paige to the batter's box with ​Josh Gibson in the time it takes a fastball to travel ​60 feet, 6 inches. Hear Mr. Kendrick bring to life ​the players, fans, and superfans who keep alive ​the enduring legacy of the Negro Leagues. ​Stories like: The more you know about Buck ​O'Neil, the more you want to know.

Baseball legend